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8 Hindering Mistakes And How To Avoid Them In Your Social Media Strategy

In all these years of social media’s existence, marketers and researchers have made some interesting discoveries, and have taken the utility of the social networking sites to another level. Earlier, sites like Facebook, Twitter, Myspace were only meant to be sources of connecting with your friends. However, with a clear ...

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Suzanne Stafford

Link Builders Who Rock (Seriously)

Seriously, they do.I'd like to introduce you all to three of my link builders who also happen to be fantastic musicians: Suzanne Stafford, Matty Sheets, and Dwight Mabe. And just because this is so bad ass it's almost criminal, I need to tell you that Suzanne closed a link from ...

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work travel

Staying Creative as a Remote Link Builder

Last month I wrote a piece about keeping link builders creative: mainly referring to in-house link builders. However, a few of you guys said you worked remotely.Working from home is a double edged sword. You have a very flexible schedule, but you're also on your own when you need some ...

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The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly Clients

What Makes You Want To Work With A Client?

I've been considering this a lot lately, especially after getting an email from a potential client whose tone immediately grabbed my attention and made me think "damn, I want to work with this guy!" I've also gotten quite a few emails from potential clients whose tone immediately turns me off. ...

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Being A Big Sister

Growing up as an only child can be more difficult than most people realize. Yes I received just about everything I wanted as a kid, except the pony that I really wanted more than anything else. But I didn't have anybody to play with. My parents would tire too easily ...

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Wil Reynolds

Let’s All Be Good

I saw a tweet today that made me think about how little a lot of us know about what other people do in terms of "good deeds" through work. If I had to name five SEOs that are vocal about what they do in terms of charitable efforts, I could ...

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be creative

How to Keep Link Builders Creative

Link building... Sucks! It's tedious, mind numbing, and typically not very fulfilling. This makes it extremely difficult for link builders to stay motivated, which makes it especially difficult for them to care about the content they're pushing out. You'll end up seeing the same ideas recycled over and over, or just ...

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Swimming Pools, Death, and Link Building

Since Julie has asked me to write about how my other job affects my link-building techniques, I guess I should first explain what else I do. Outside of the office, I partially own a small business with my father servicing and cleaning swimming pools.   My father It isn’t all rainbows and sunshine, ...

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Tagging The Web

This is a guest post by our link builder Charles Wood, who gave me an awesome funny bio that you'll see at the end. Charles has been with us longer than any other current link builder. He will also be leading our company pub crawl. Graffiti is defined as the illicit ...

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Moosa Hemani

Advice On Becoming A Better SEO Professional

Julie Joyce and Link Fish Media are one of my favorites and this was one of the reason why I took an advantage from the ground created by James Agate (Thanks for this James ;)) and seek the permission to write a post on her blog like James. (Editor's note: It's our ...

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