Welcome To Link Fish Media

Link Fish MediaLink Fish Media is a link building and SEO company specializing in link building, link audits, link analysis and strategy, content creation, outreach, viral linking and, of course, search engine marketing and optimization. Based in Greensboro, NC, and owned by Jay Young and Julie Joyce, Link Fish Media conducts link development for clients all over the world. Link development and viral linking are becoming more and more critical to your online marketing efforts. Without good inbound links, great fresh content, and quality social signals, you can expect to see poor results in the search engine rankings, which tends to lead to a generally low level of site traffic.

Interested in having one of our link builders come to your site and train YOU on how to build links? We do that, too. We’re also happy to have you come to North Carolina and sit with us for a few days, learning how we do things, and maybe tasting the best barbecue on Earth.

Link Fish Media also offers SEO consulting, PPC, and social media services in conjunction with its link building campaigns.

We have experience in all aspects of search engine optimization and marketing. Our link building efforts came about as we realized that linking IS the crucial piece of the puzzle. And, as algorithms change, the way links are viewed changes. Sounds simple, but it’s a lot to keep up with on a daily basis. Linking also happens to be the most exciting AND the most tedious of all online marketing jobs. When conducting an especially large linking campaign, you need a project manager to see things through, and our past experience with project management involves working with clients both large and small, all over the world. Trying to take on your company’s link building efforts without help is a recipe for disaster unless you have experience. There are too many algorithm changes, too many link farms, and too many chances to really hurt your site in the rankings.