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The best link building tools Link Fish Media use and recommend...

Best Link Building Tools


A must have tool for link cleanup,disavow work and link building. Kerboo assigns a risk score to your link profile and helps you identify your problem links. It can also be tied in to your Majestic SEO account, Buzzstream, Ahrefs, and Google Webmaster Tools. Kerboo allows you to quickly find new link partner opportunities from their index of millions of websites. They have an online chat service to help you use the system which is especially useful for webmasters who aren’t as experienced with using these kinds of link analysis tools. Visit site…


This tool is amazing for crawling a site and identifying potential SEO issues. The reports it produces are gorgeous and easy to understand, even by a novice in SEO. Their data visualizations can identify loads of opportunities to boost your site’s performance. Visit site…

Majestic SEO

For a full set of SEO tools, this one is top notch. We rely on their Trust Flow and Citation Flow metrics to help us better understand the authority of sites, and their system is lightning fast. No tool is better at showing you your new backlinks as quickly as they do, and their backlink history graphs are fantastic at identifying link spikes. Visit site

SEM Rush

Fantastic tool for tracking various SEO and PPC metrics. If you need information on ranking changes, this is a must have tool. Visit site