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Headed up by worldwide link authority Julie Joyce & Jay Young

Mark Edmonson

Mark is the head of IT and single-handedly built our internal link analysis and project management system. He was previously on our link team but due to his mad coding skills and love of semantic search, he quickly moved into his new role using his link experience to help the link team do things more efficiently. He enjoys thinking about hacking, walking around the block, and drinking 15,000 grams of caffeine every day.

Ed Baxter

Ed came to us from a background in textiles and translates his people skills into building amazing links, specializing in the financial services industry. Ed is our stress-free role model and is a huge fan of jalapeno mac and cheese.

Andy Brusnahan

Andy is our most senior link builder and is renowned for his 3am start times. As he works remotely and hasn’t been to the office in years, several new employees still believe that he’s a work of fiction or an actual link robot. He never turns down a challenge and is our go-to guy for the really competitive industries.

Chris Rachal

Chris is our most recent addition to the team and has a background in all things music. He still works as a DJ and music instructor part time and occasionally annoys us with a string of Beach Boys hits.